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The staff at Martlet Consulting Limited have a wealth of experience coving the major business functions across a myriad of corporate markets. Please read on to see some of our experience and get a flavour of some of our key clients.

Human Resources

Our philosophy is simple - making the most of people to ensure a business reaches its commercial potential.

Whether your requirement is for a specific project, additional resource to cover leave or for ad hoc strategic HR support, we can help.

Sales Growth





Change Management

This software testing company’s business was mitigating the technological risks inherent to the development, implementation and integration of software and IT applications.  As the Chief Operating Officer, our interim manager was tasked to implement a sweeping raft of changes to empower employees thereby increasing profitability and operational efficiency.

Our interim manager was recruited onto the permanent staff of the company but soon became aware that his level of experience and increased cost was not required.  In various meetings and papers he made it known that his position was not required and that it should be replaced by a lower paid and less experienced resource.  The owner of the company readily accepted this advice and implemented his recommendations.

The initiatives that our interim manager instigated led to:

As Business Manager (Acting Director) of the International Carrier Services Division of a global telecomms provider our interim manager was tasked with growing the sales function.  During his 2 years with the company he was responsible for:

Our HR consultant, Katie Renwick, is a senior HR professional who is able to add enormous value to commercial strategy on a permanent or interim basis.

About Katie - An effective leader who can quickly build and cement lasting and productive working relationships that allow her to gain a thorough understanding of the challenges facing an organisation so as to design and implement highly effective controls and processes to capitalise on the effectiveness of human resources. She has considerable senior management experience within public and private organisations operating in global retail, biotech, financial services, recruitment and technology industries and has helped them to implement strategies to maximise reward, resourcing, organisational development and all aspects of employee relations.

Recent assignments have included the following projects and activities:

Business Turnaround

In June 2001 Martlet Consulting’s interim manager was appointed General Manager (Managing Director) of Ajilon Consulting (UK) Limited.  His task was to take an ailing, loss-making organisation and transform it into a profit centre thereby returning share-holder value.

The company started to make a loss as it passed from US to UK control.  It’s principal business was the provision of IT specialist support to blue chip companies.  The company lacked direction, control and sales activity; the consequential loss was £1m in the 6 months prior to his arrival, during his tenure he: